Ryan & Melissa

Earlier this year I began working with Dave Karger filming weddings for his company (Atlanta Cinematic). We film all of the pre-wedding events, the wedding itself, and the reception. All of the filming is done on Canon DSLRs including multiple 5D Mk II’s, a 7D, and a 60D.

I have absolutely loved working with Dave and the rest of the camera ops filming these weddings. This has been an incredible opportunity to work in a great environment and do some really cool and creative filming.

The following is the first wedding I was able to film with them and I love how it turned out.

Check it out:

I hadn’t bought my Canon 60D yet, so it wasn’t used in this film, but you will see it soon enough in our latest one.

Travis Fish

Spokes – New Wallpaper

^^ Click to Download ^^

A new wallpaper from a photo I shot with my camera I recently bought:

A Canon 60D with a Canon EF 28mm 1.8/f lens.

Hope you enjoy it!

Travis Fish

iMac Preview thanks to http://enythuglife.deviantart.com/